DyM-CS - Dynamics of Multilevel Complex Systems

What is "DyM-CS - Dynamics of Multilevel Complex Systems"?

The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers involved in the DyM-CS running projects to share preliminary results, methods and theories. The output of the workshop could be a book collecting the DyM-CS roadmap.

Rationale beyond DyM-CS:

Objectives of DyM-CS:

  1. New mathematical and computational formalism on dynamics of multi-level systems developed and validated on real-world applications involving large and heterogeneous data sets
  2. Progress towards a general theory on complex systems
  3. New ICT-based methods and principles for the management of large scale systems, including ICT systems themselves

Programme for 25 September 2015

Projects funded


Fatihcan Atay, Paul Bourgine, Jeff Johnson, Emanuela Merelli, Yamir Moreno